Joining efforts for technological development

Published on July 6, 2023

During the month of June, X eleva Group had the opportunity to give two trainings in technology and business together with the Ministry of Economy of the Government of Sinaloa.

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The INCUBATE MX program, in its second edition, has the specific objective of accelerating the growth of small and medium-sized companies in the state of Sinaloa, through training in specialized topics.

More than 150 companies participated in this edition of the INCUBATE MX program, as well as around 50 specialists and leaders from the corporate field, with the purpose of sharing the knowledge of their experience as entrepreneurs.

Throughout the week of June 5 to 9, X eleva Group, under the representation of its CEO Pablo A. Ruz Salmones, taught the Economic Development with Technology course, which dealt with how to use digital tools to initiate a technical renovation and processes in companies. The attendees were very enthusiastic about the exhibition, bringing up their particular cases, which were analyzed at that time.

On the other hand, during the end of the same month 15-16; 22 and 23 to be exact, a new training was applied under the name Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence for Companies. In it, they explained what it is, how it works, breaking the myths around it and redirecting efforts towards the uses that as entrepreneurs can give it.

In the latter, the sharp handling of the A.I. by X eleva Group came to light. These was reflected in the way the specific cases of the attendees about their projects were addressed.

It was in both courses that the participants showed their great interest and appreciation for the intention of this double helix (government and companies) to bring cutting-edge topics that are extremely necessary for the acceleration of small and medium-sized companies.

For X eleva Group it is extremely important that this technical knowledge not only remains in the hands of a few companies. If it is about structural-economic growth, the entire base of the structure, that is, the companies, must have an even floor.

This will not only promote a solid community, but also specific values of work ethics and technological use. Both are equally important to give ultimate meaning to the actions that look towards the growth of a country.

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