Today, with the digital environment changing every second, X ELEVA emerges with the goal of elevating business growth and development.

We generate sustainable advantages by incorporating two cutting-edge consultancies: Business consulting and technology development.

We are an interdisciplinary team that designs and implements strategies through our products with the main purpose of transcending excellence. We improve productivity and processes using breakthrough technology, led by our philosophy:

“The human factor is the key to elevating excellence”



Powered by and building on top of Grupo Ya Quedó’s experience and knowledge; we understand that our clients needs are particular solutions for specific situations. That’s why we fully dedicate ourselves to learning about the business culture and collecting data to build valuable information.

Proof of our ability to program and manage excellence everywhere, is our collaborative successes with international companies from different sectors, such as: financial, retail, entertainment, media, and many others.



We transform the knowledge and understanding of our client's business by devising an exclusive strategy for each of them. During this phase, we translate strategic thinking into clear and concise planning that uses technology aptly to achieve the desired results at the right time.

buttlerfly drawing
buttlerfly drawing with engines



Our innovations are characterized by personalizing and establishing long-term excellence. X ELEVA’s interdisciplinary team -integrated by engineers, analysts, and programmers- realized that digital transformation has elevated to another level. Therefore, we design adaptable systems, which are programmed to face evolution.



We support our results, establishing plans and protocols of adequacy; which are backed by testing phases and documented evidence, guaranteeing the correct operation of the systems in the devices and infrastructure of our clients.

The commitment to our role in elevating excellence will always be with the objective and values of our clients.

buttlerfly drawing
buttlerfly drawing


Following up on excellence

Forecasting the future, we are interested in managing change with the effect of a continuous improvement model. So we assure our clients' success by incorporating the specific services they may need such as training, adaptation, or updating.

Our Services

Our Services

Our Clients

Grupo Imagen

Mexico City, Mexico

We developed a personalized software solution for one of the largest broadcasting companies in Latin America.

Blue Ocean Global Technology

New York, United States

We have developed several personalized software solutions and performed IT consulting services for one of the best Online Reputation Management agencies in New York.


Chicago, United States

We’ve helped eATLAS grow their tours across Chicago with ecommerce developments, and tech and digital consulting services.


Oxford, United Kingdom

A Big Data project involving millions and millions of financial information entries from several countries, and its statistical analysis and visualization, converting information into knowledge through a personalized software development.

Escalab Academy

Santiago, Chile

We developed AI and tech models that would serve as a basis for their current growth and development in the edutech field.


Mexico City, Mexico & Buenos Aires, Argentina

We helped develop an AI matching and recommendation system, working with experts from the marketing and IT fields.

Kleos Africa

Lagos, Nigeria

We’ve worked with crypto companies in the Nigerian market creating comprehensive business plans and strategies.

And more

We have followed our unique approach to business and technology by elevating excellence and businesses across Europe, North and South America, India, and Nigeria, to name just a few regions. Let us help you elevate yours.

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