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Published on January 18, 2023

The Handprint Initiative, a non-profit organization that has decided to join the challenge of educating consciously, has formed an alliance with X eleva Group.

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The challenges facing humanity are many, and diverse. Sometimes it seems that there are so many that there is no single joint solution to counter the contradictions of our modern development.

All this development in the name of science and reason has led to wars, extermination of species and shortages of resources. In short, it has caused systemic problems that translate into social inequality.

Daunting, right? Many times reason acts on behalf of issues that are much more instrumental and one-dimensional instead of sustainable. It is in this way that the sometimes misleading banner of progress is earned.

However, along with the misfortunes that this type of reason and progress have caused, there are reactions around the world. These start from a simple individual, to large nations that come together to join efforts. The UN and UNESCO are examples that if they act together, short, medium and long-term objectives can be shared to curb the contradictions of modernity.

From agendas that elucidate what to do to counteract catastrophes and how to do it, these organizations have advanced in the world. One of the most recent long-term initiatives is the UN 2030 Agenda. This focuses on being able to lay the foundations to satisfactorily achieve the 17 sustainable development goals, which go through spectrums such as gender, economics, ecology, human rights, among others.

In order to successfully carry out this agenda, there are non-profit organizations that, like messengers, are in charge of applying the 2030 structured plan. One of the best ways to carry out the tasks of the 2030 agenda is education. This is so because the formation of young consciences is essential to be able to sharpen that thinking of the world with everything and its problems in a different way, as well as to shape that act for change.

But this complex task cannot be done alone, which is why The Handprint Initiative, a non-profit organization that has decided to join the challenge of achieving these objectives through education, has formed an alliance with X eleva Group.

The Handprint Initiative seeks to create bridges between the theory of a sustainable future and the actions that will lead us to it. Therefore, one of the most important areas of humanity, education, can be a start. In other words, transform education, so that all people have the knowledge, skills and tools to face global challenges.

One of the benefits of this initiative is the way in which it lands abstract concepts about sustainable development within the school day. In this way, it is sought that the teaching body and the youth become empowered and actively participate in decision-making in our society.

The work that has been carried out so far in more than 15 schools around the world with the teachers has focused on the development of systemic competencies, knowing methodologies and various tools that facilitate integration from a critical perspective.

At X eleva Group we stand in favor of this strategy through education to safeguard the integrity of all those sectors that make up the world. The Handprint Initiative transcends from all those new generations that, we are sure, will be those key agents of world change.

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