A tour on technological ethics

Published on May 5, 2023

Last Thursday, April 27 of this year, Pablo A. Ruz Salmones, CEO of X eleva Group had the opportunity to host a virtual talk together with the international organization A.I. & Faith.

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Said talk was invited by the theologian and philosopher Noreen Herzfeld, whose work revolves around the conflicts among intelligence and human virtue, much better expressed in her 2002 work In Our Image. Under a great exposition on the present time and AI, Noreen differentiated what distinguishes us as humans that technology cannot reproduce.

The shower of questions from the forum evidenced the interest and curiosity of the spectators. The objective was fulfilled: to continue spreading the analysis that differentiates the human potential from the technician and promote a more responsible management of artificial intelligence.

Only separated by a couple of hours, the activities continued in the center of the city. On this occasion, at the Expo Reforma headquarters, the National Chamber of Commerce of Mexico City invited Pablo Ruz to give a brief conference entitled Ethics and I.A.

The public present in the room (mostly entrepreneurs and students) were a key piece for the information released at that time to be useful, since they are the ones who represent the future course of ideas that will guide the technological and corporate industry from this technology.

Finally, the round of presentations arrived at the doors of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, specifically at the Faculty of Accounting and Administration where the president of the COPARMEX-UNAM community, Miriam Armenta, had prepared a special podcast in which she would delve into the work of X eleva Group and how Pablo’s biography is inserted in it.

The importance of holding this type of event is focused on the opportunity we have to share the knowledge we have acquired through our experience in the corporate-technological field.

Approaching an ethical perspective, necessary in view of the situation that surrounds a technology such as artificial intelligence, is an important parenthesis around the limits that as human beings we must demarcate in order not to lose confidence in our unique capabilities. It must always be kept in mind that the most important thing is always the human factor.

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