X eleva trusts in the future

Published on June 7, 2023

On May 24 and 25, X eleva Group was present at the Higher Education and High Technology Industry Summit organized by the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Public Education, where they discussed the aspirations and technological situation in the country, as well as as well as the different ways to encourage new generational talent.

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X eleva Group was part of the more than two dozen leading organizations in the technology and education industry, participating in the 3 discussion panels and 6 workshops throughout the two days.

The central and shared concern at the summit was without a doubt the technological stage that Mexico is under and how this can be favored by a concept called triple helix. This concept refers to the work between academia, government and the private sector.

It was stressed that only by working together can the objectives set to be one of the countries with the greatest technological infrastructure be achieved. Actions that reconsider structural issues in the educational, economic, political and social spheres are necessary in the face of the evident global techno-economic transition.

The preparation of associated professionals and professionals specialized in software, big data, artificial intelligence and process automation is essential. Creating specialization opportunities for a greater recruitment of talent is a first step.

Mexico has an infinity of hidden talent awaiting development paths by the country’s pillar sectors, to be able to shine through what is so unique that they have to offer. The impediments that complicate it lie not on an individual spectrum, but on a structural one, and this is faced as a team.

There was a constant mention of the concern about the brain drain, which is combated with better specialization and job opportunities. Issues such as better salaries, benefits, a work environment that allows a balance between work and leisure in daily life are offers that are attractive to the new generational talent. This talent moves between the uncertainty of a solid future due to their gradual disappearance.

From X eleva Group we are in favor of contributing to the technological, educational, labor and economic improvement of the country. Our attendance at this summit not only made us broaden our horizon of possibilities for action to offer our virtues to the country and the world, but also reaffirmed the commitment that we have continued to carry out since our beginnings.

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