Excellence, online

For companies, websites represent an essential tool for positioning themselves within the Internet community that has originated through the digital boom. Inside the new virtual dimension, strategically connecting with members and collaborators represents competitive advantages and a corporate opportunity for expansion and growth.

X ELEVA is committed to elevating the identity and business objectives of each client by developing exclusive and excellent websites. Whether to inform, sell, rebrand, or interact; we generate comprehensive structured plans with knowledge and criteria used by search algorithms, which result in a calculated and personalized safe user experience.

FACT: To set up the site it is essential to possess a domain and a host. We guide our clients in choosing the most profitable options.

Elevating your digital foundation

First, we make a technical competition analysis, which provides us with a broad overview of similar products or services. Thus, we determine differentiators which highlight the characteristics of the company. As initial recommendations, we propose language, tone, and vocabulary, and efficient use of data and processes such as texts, images, pages, and flows.

According to project complexity, we define the platforms and the languages ​​which we will use and estimate the accurate resources. We can add functionalities such as blogs, multilingual capabilities, or programs to measure the impact and evolution of the site (Google Analytics, HotJar). It is also possible to incorporate simple purchases, but it should be noted that electronic commerce (the specific activity of buying and selling products and services) is a complimentary service.

Before coding, we present a wireframe proposal, a graphic blueprint where we visually present the sections and pages of the site. During this phase, we exchange ideas to reach a common agreement on the last details. Afterwards, we program, install and launch the website.

Our final product is an active digital environment that has been subjected to the necessary tests to certify its operation and structure, with no accessibility problems or a high loading time. In addition, we ensure a secure data exchange by backing the page with SSL certificates. Finally, we offer ongoing maintenance services to promote website optimization and adapt the site according to the progress of the company.