As most things in life, ethics in technology has two approaches: the theoretical and the practical. We tackle both. From a theoretical perspective, our main goal is qualitative. From the practical, quantitative.


Once we have finished the consulting process, you will be able to successfully merge an ethical technology framework into your tech developments and integrations, thus increasing the value and the impact your organization has in the world.

How do you build ethical technology?

We seek to create the development of a mindset to embed a proper framework for ethical decision making in technology, and implement said framework into the firm’s technology development and integrating processes through 4 pillars: conferences & workshops, technology and process analysis, assessments and framework design.

The X eleva Ethical Technology Assessment (XETA) and the SDGs ethical assessment

The XETA is a deep and comprehensive report on the overall ethical technology situation of the company, based on the whole consulting process. It is focused on the four pillars that guide the service, and it includes priceless recommendations. We complement it with a specialized SDGs ethical assessment. X eleva has developed a unique method to correctly assess a company’s technology and business alignment with these goals.

Implementing ethical technology in a business or organization

All the above assessments and recommendations are only valuable if we go from plan to action. People are the ones who take action. Hence, we give conferences, and courses to help people integrate the XETA and the other considerations into the technology they are developing.

Technology recommendations

At X eleva we are expert developers. Therefore, our commitment is to give you actionable technology recommendations, both in terms of development and integrations, that will help you improve the situations identified in the XETA and the SDGs ethical assessment.

Together with its expertise in tech development, X eleva‘s services have always had a crucial business perspective, ensuring that financial and marketing goals, for example, are taken into consideration when either creating technology or performing consulting services. That’s how we deliver on THE PROMISE.