Artificial Intelligence: a window for Mexican trade

Published on April 5, 2023

This March 29, 2023, the keynote conference entitled “Artificial Intelligence; Impact on the International Market: a window for Mexican trade” took place in the National Chamber of Commerce in Mexico City.

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The event, in charge of the Technology Specialized Group and the Foreign Trade Specialized Group, was presented by the CEO of X eleva Group, Pablo A. Ruz Salmones, who delved into Artificial Intelligence and the opportunities it opens for foreign trade Mexican. The starting point arose around the understanding of AI from a general perspective, what it is made up of and how it works.

After that, the main controversies were addressed, such as the daily use that it is giving to society. They highlight its uses as a search engine, image generator and the ambiguities that this has emanated; to finally land on the specific foothold of businesses and the way in which they are transforming thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Regarding the link between the commercial-corporate industry and AI, the ideas put forward were repairing points such as the ethical implications of the use of this technology. In this way, the argument was addressed so that the dividing line between using this tool at the service of humanity and an apparent dystopian omen does not become blurred.

Fundamental edges for the industry in relation to Artificial Intelligence were exposed, such as:

  • The search for a better management of this tool, which has the possibility of reducing investment costs.
  • The stimulus generated by the pseudo-artistic ability of AI to create new content in the entertainment industry.
  • The need to carry out a rigorous legal review to establish its limits in order to prevent the risk of transgression to third parties.

As the CEO of X eleva Group explained, this tool that is surprising and changing the world’s commercial chains needs to be analyzed and applied by people who understand its ethical dimensions. If everything points to a greater saving of resources, these must remain material, but not have an impact on the human, providing sufficient knowledge to individuals for better decision-making through AI.

Artificial Intelligence must be at the service of humanity, helping to solve those problems that make up the interdependence with which the contemporary world is woven. That was the substantial message of the keynote address.

At X eleva Group we are dedicated to contributing to the sum of decisions that each company requires to solve problems that have an important interference in daily life. Thinking of those conflicts as processes to reach a state of harmony thanks to the professional guidance of our experts in technological matters gives us the trust of our satisfied customers.

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